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Real Estate Services Company P.O. Box 2852 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35403 (205) 752-2202 Rental Verification For Address Phone Social Please verify the following on the above named person: Residency Dates
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Jon-fen you#39;re here with mobile-homeinvesting dotnet thank you so much for watching in this video we're going to betaking aboutas the title suggests verifying your future tenant buyers or your futurerenters verifying their previous rental history by calling their previouslandlords I mean how great of a way imagine is there a way we can actuallytalk to landlords that have dealt with these people that we want to sell to orrent to and there is we can just call them so whether you're doing this or not doing this by the end of this videoyou'’re going to understand thestep-by-step outline of what to do or some or some tips that you didn'talready know if you#39;re already makingthese calls we're going to listen torecorded phone calls that I've made toucan hear just how we do it and thenwe'’re gonna do a quick recap so ifyou're doing this or not doing thisthat'’s okay but moving forward it's soimportant to call past landlord and you think about it we do background checksnormally like a third party background check whatever company that you use theytypically tell you about credit and eviction --zz eviction history andsexual predator status by the way I do different video talking about kind ofscreening people but that#39;s what youwant to find out kind of a background you know who has this person been onthey'’re on their public record do theyhave a criminal history again not just statewide but nationwide so we do thatthat'’s most investors typically do thatbecause it#39;s easy we just outsource itit's done we oftentimes also look at past w-2s past years of tax returns andalso pay stubs because it doesn#39;t reallyrequire us to call a like an employer sometimes we do we call bosses and ifthat'’s you excellenttwo two thumbs up but it'’s so importantto call past landlords and I know a LOOF investors don't do this simplybecause it sort of fills them with anxiety and that's a little bitirrational because what#39;s anotherlandlord as is you it's another investors the mindset for you first of all isyou are looking to reach out to get some heartfelt references some honestreferences from these other investors plus you don't know these otherinvestors yeah maybe that#39;re really coolpeople maybe they're their future friends of yours that you've never knownor that#39;re gonna do business with youmaybe they have leads that you#39;relooking for that they can send your way because you know you guys can worktogether you#39;re symbiotic here so withthat said the mindset you have nothing to worry about and youyou have the cookie when it comes to the investor the applicant needs to jumpthrough your hoops because that#39;rethey're renting or they're renting town your property so let's talk aboutthe mindset now of your of your applicant most people are fine withrough you know providing referencesthat'’s a normal part of renting aproperty or owning a property sometimes is to provide...
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